Cast the net wider

From the outset the vision for Connect On Board has been to help increase the visibility of the very many talented executives who are ready for non-executive positions.

Today's board faces many complex challenges, not least recovery from the pandemic, economic uncertainty, the regulatory landscape and technological innovation. There are high expectations when trying to find the right non-executive director, to diversify your board, meet your board requirements and help you tackle organisational challenges. Connect On Board provides an easy route to access a rich pool of talented individuals with a diverse range of experiences and skills. If you are looking for a non-executive director contact our membership team to find out more.

Why use Connect on Board?

  • Expand and tailor your search

    By using Connect On Board you can tailor your non-executive director search to shortlist members who meet the needs of your board and have specific experience of your organisation issues.

  • Advertise roles

    You can provide detailed requirements and advertise remunerated roles free of charge and all our members are notified when a new role is posted. Advertising pro-bono roles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Connect directly

    If you are interested in finding out more about an individual, you can connect with our members directly through the platform.

  • Contact the team

Views from across the board

Perspectives provides insight and opinion from specialists with in-depth knowledge of non-executive director recruitment to assist both our members and organisations seeking to build better boards